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drama bahasa inggris


Andri Hidayat as Alvin
Deasy Lucyana as Citra
Ika Puspitasari as Fanny
Muhammad Mansyur as Raka
Rikha Rosida Okviana as Viola
Rini Kartini as Tasya
Siti Sopwaroh as Nesya

XI IPA 2 2013/2014

“Best friend is the weirdest, the craziest, the funniest, the most comforting people to be with” there were 5 friends. They were Tasya, Alvin, Viola, Citra, and Fanny. Everyday, they always together, Till oneday there were a problem among them.

Fanny: “hey, I’m hungry! let’s go to the canteen!”
Citra: “let’s go!”

They went to canteen and ate the meal together. Suddenly, “bwuuurrr” the drink whom brought by Nesya spilled on Citra’s body.

Citra: “heh! What the hell is this?”
Nesya: “oops! I’m sorry!”
Citra: “you!!! Aargh”
Nesya: “yeah! Why?”
Citra: “ I wanna slap you on the face!”
Viola: “cit, cit! calm down!”
Citra: “how can I calm down? My uniform is wet!”
Fanny: “forget about that! Let’s go to the class”

(citra spilled back the drink to Nesya)
Citra: “catch that! Bitch!”

(in the class)
Alvin: “cit, your uniform is wet, what happened?”
Citra: “you had known!”
Tasya: “stop do that Alvin! She is being badmood”
Alvin: “why?”
Viola: “when she was in the canteen, she had spilled by Nesya’s drink”
Alvin: “hah? Hahahaha it’s funny “
 Citra: “don’t laugh at me!”
Alvin: “it’s really funny! You look like an elephant!”
Citra: “heh! Stop do that! I’m embarrassed!”

(in the morning)
Raka is basketball team captain in the school. He’s so cool and handsome.

Fanny: “good morning Raka!”
Raka: “morning!” (poker face)
Fanny: “raka, why are your forehead seems black and blue? Let me medicine you!”
Raka: “stop do that! I’m not a children!”
Fanny: don’t be shy Raka, you are my boyfriend!”
Raka: “ what are you talking about? I’m not your boyfriend! I will not put up with you!”
Fanny: “raka? Why?”

(Raka got closer to Viola who sitting on the chair)
Raka: “morning Viola”
Viola: “morning”
Raka: “what are you doing?”
Viola: “I’m eating, do you want?”
Raka: “no, thanks! By the way, do you want ot go to the garden for doing homework tonight?”
Viola: “sure!”
Raka: “I’ll pick you up on 7 pm. See you there!”

(at the night)
Raka: “assalamualaikum”
Viola: “waalaikum salam”
Raka: “are you ready?”
Viola: “let’s rock!”

(at the garden)
Raka: “ Viola, I think it’s the best time for me to……”
Viola: “for what?”
Raka: “ Viola, I have love you for a long time. Would you like to be my girlfriend?”
Viola: “hmm”
Fanny: “Viola! You are so bloody hell!”
Viola: “Fanny! I’m sorry. I just……..” (plak, and then Fanny run away to Tasya’s house)

Fanny: (crying)
Tasya: “what happen?”
Fanny: (explain what happened with her for 5 minute ago)
Tasya: “I’m so sorry to hear that!”
Fanny: “I don’t believe it! I, I, Rakaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” (crying again)
Tasya: “Viola really excessive!”

(at the school)
Nesya: “morning Raka! Why are you so sad?”
Raka: “morning. I was rejected by Viola”
Nesya: “hah? What a good news! You were born to be with me! I’m so happy!”
Raka: “what the hell why you say that?”
Nesya: “I really mad about you Raka!”
Raka: “I’m so upset!”

(in the class)
Citra: “hey, it’s too quiet! what happen?”
Tasya: “just ask to viola!”
Citra: “what happen, Viola?”
Viola: “misconceive. Blablablablabla”
Fanny: “if you know that I love Raka very much, why are you still hang out with him?”
Viola: “I just doing homework!”
Alvin: “calm down! We have together for long long time before. Don’t misunderstood”
Citra: “nah, that’s right!”
Tasya: “great!”
Viola: “I’m sorry Fanny!”
Fanny: “I’m so sorry too”
Alvin: “yeah,
Citra: “ let’s yell together. 1, 2, 3… ngakakers!”

All: “pengen baksoooooooo! Hahahaha”

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